Marquis Reagent (MDMA Test Kit)


Marquis is a popular chemical reagent most commonly used for testing MDMA and other MDx compounds.

The reagent is a mixture of formaldehyde and sulfuric acid. When combined with a certain chemical compounds, the reagent will react and change colour. Provided with the kit is a chart which maps the different colours to the substances they indicate. 

This test is not intended to facilitate the use, possession or distribution of controlled substances. It is sold for harm reduction purposes only.

Important Notes

1) Cross-contamination by mixing caps of different reagents will cause future tests involving those reagents to be inaccurate. Be sure to perform all tests in well lit conditions in order to ensure full accuracy of tests.

2) Once the test is performed if the sample does not turn to the pure drug`s indicated color within 30 seconds or turns to a different color than indicated than your sample is most likely contaminated. You can utilize another one of TestKitz lab tests to perform a different test on your sample.

Testing Instructions

Step 1

Take a small amount of your sample and put it directly on a white ceramic plate just enough to see your sample clearly.

Step 2

Remove the test bottle from the package, take the lid off, and place the bottle a couple inches over the sample. Carefully squeeze one drop out of the test kit bottle onto the sample making sure to not touch the bottle with sample as this will contaminate future tests.

Step 3

Carefully observe the colour change of the sample and compare it to the colour gradient provided.

Follow This Link to View the Color Chart.


1) When handling test kits always use latex gloves. Use soap and water to wash yourself if you do come in contact.

2) Dispose of excess reagents down the sink with water and baking soda. Store kits in a cool environment out of contact with the sun.

3) This reagent is composed of sulphuric acid which can cause serious burns to your body so proceed with extreme caution.

4) Each kit comes equipped with a small sample of vermiculite (coarse grain material) which protects against any spills due to unforeseen damages.


The Marquis reagent tests for the existence of a particular substance in your sample.  The tests do not provide an overall purity of that substance. The presence of your desired substance does not indicate that your sample is safe for consumption.

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